The Author

Andrea Michal is certified in Evidence-Based Life Coaching and Organizational Development and Leadership, and has a degree in Communications from UCLA. She holds a certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and is also a Shadow Work(tm) Facilitator and Way of Council Leader. She owns and operates New Moon Wellness, a healing arts hub and conscious community center in Agoura Hills, California, and acts as Spiritual Mentor and Well-Being Consultant to individuals of all ages and walks of life.  Her passion has guided her into the business world to support professional women in claiming their spirituality within both their personal and professional spheres. She channels information through guidance from her angels and guides and holds a safe space for her clients to learn and grow. In the entrepreneurial spirit, Andrea enjoys co-creating with other conscious, business idea-generators to support a more sustainable and uplifting environment for future generations. She speaks on a variety of subjects regarding the identification and removal of old habits, patterns, and blocks, trusting the higher source, letting go of fear and accepting love, becoming more emotionally and spiritually enlightened, and rising as human beings to meet our full potential on earth.


Encounter the Light